A few friends of mine who are also theologians, sat down years back when the Bible codes first came out.  We took Shakespeare and used different formulas which are used in the Bible codes. We didn't need a computer to do this and neither would anyone else if they'd like to give this a try. We found historical events within our code as well as events that would be in our future. Gettysburg was one of the historical events.

One of the future events was the end of the world by fire. Things to note, Gettysburg happened after William Shakespeare. And the end of the world hasn't yet come about but is prophesied (By Scripture mind you) that it will be accomplished by fire. Shakespeare was an anti-Semite and experiences fire in his current place of residence. He had no intention of predicting the future and would've laughed at the coding we performed on his works. If we were able to do this with Shakespeare, I'm sure we could do it with Dr. Seuss.

Numerology (that's what this coding is) has its place in Scripture, but it is limited... very limited. The shame is that we have some rather brilliant men of God wasting their time with this when they could be putting that valuable time into things that count. Why is it that we feel that there isn't enough "worth" in the Word of God that we feel we have to find something else then what is right in front of our faces? It would take multiple life times times a thousand plus to learn what is in just the Torah. Do we really need to look for things that don't exist? The true test to this Bible coding is this.... Don't tell me what it says has already happened right down to the date, tell me what is going to happen and on what date BEFORE it occurs and stand by it! One time, one shot, if you (whoever that may be) is wrong, drop it for forever and don't bring it up again. Otherwise I'll have to break out my young nephews "How to Potty Book" and see what kind of revelations it has to offer within it's code.

Rabbi Stanley Chester